Welcome and Hello

Football is a passion of mine and I wanted to share it with people. I believe that this blog will help me accomplish this goal. I may be called a super fan or a football nerd, but some day I hope to work in an NFL front office. So anyone with connections to a franchise I’m available. (An MLB franchise is also acceptable :P).  But I digress.

Why now? Well, Superbowl LII this year really inspired me. It was one of the more exciting football games I’ve seen in a long time. But its not just because it was a great game; the game itself, even though it was great to watch, still featured elements that have been plaguing the for past few years. Concussions and head injuries (Brandin Cooks), inconstant rules and controversial replay reviews (Corey Clement TD and Zach Ertz TD), declining ratings, etc.

The NFL is currently at a crossroads. Leadership is going to have to make policy decisions and changes in order to make the game more safe without hurting quality of play and deal with other issues. I shouldn’t watch an amazing game and then have to think about all of the controversy or which player had to be carted off the field with a concussion.

What I want to do is document my idea’s for the NFL, how they can change, and potentially create new ideas. These ideas I want to share with people and I want to hear others ideas as well.

I also what this to be entertaining. This is designed to be a place where you can read about anything football related. If you want to know what your favorite team should do at QB, if you want to learn about the hot young LG everyone is hyping before the draft, if you want to know who to draft in your fantasy league, then this the place for you.

What kind of post can you expect on this blog:

  • General posts about current events in football, my reaction to news around the league
  • I am going to create new rules, new ideas that I believe will create a product on the field that is pleasant to watch but also safe for the players. These ideas are my opinion and I want to create a dialog/discussion around them from the people who may read this.
  • There will be draft analysis leading up to and after the draft. I like to watch film, and will give insight.
  • I love fantasy football. I over analysis the crap out of fantasy, but there will be posts on how to make your team a champion one.
  • Off-season analysis- My first series will be about the off season/free agency since it is right around the corner.  I am going to play GM of every team of the league, and look at the state of each roster and determine what I believe each team needs are, who they may/should target in free agency, draft strategies, etc.
  • Other stuff may appear as well from time to time. There might be something about baseball or a movie I just watched and feel the need to share, (The Cloverfield Paradox is not actually a Paradox, if you feel compelled to watch because of the Superbowl ad just skip it), or something along that line.

I want to again welcome you and hope you will continue reading this. This a journey for me, and I hope that every person who reads this will join me.

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